What is doubling the bet in blackjack?

The basic rules of the game consist of the values of the cards, and the presence of actions that can be performed during the gameplay. The game starts with the cards being dealt out after the bets have been claimed. Each participant of the slot, including the dealer, receives two cards. Scoring is at this stage a factor that determines the further actions. In an effort to beat the dealer and collect a winning combination, players go to the following steps:

  • Draw another card;
  • End the game by giving up part of the bet;
  • End the turn without taking an extra card;
  • Splitting a pair of cards into two combinations;
  • Deciding to double the bet in blackjack.

The option of doubling must be provided by the rules of the card game variety. It means that the player increases the initial bet twice. Accordingly, if he manages to win the game, he takes the winnings in double the initial bet made.

When to double the bet

Before sitting down at the gaming table, the player must familiarize himself not only with the rules of the game, but also with the rules of the casino. This is especially true when it comes to understanding when to double the bet. Some establishments have a limit and only if the sum of the two cards is 9,10 or 11 can you double up. In many leading online casinos, including Hugewin, it is allowed to double after receiving the first cards, regardless of the layout and their value. But even if it is allowed to apply such a move at the will of the player, it may not always be favorable for the participant himself.

There are rules of doubling the bet in blackjack, which will help to understand how and when to act, and in what situation it is better to refrain. According to the rules, the player who added the same amount to the initial bet is given one more card. Thus, the participant has three cards in his hand. And he will not be able to complete the combination with one more card. The sum of the points of the three cards, depending on their values, counts against him.

  1. When the sum of your cards is 11. One strategy for the game is to double your bet, taking into account the sum of the two cards in your hand. If the hand totals one, this is a favorable indicator to double the bet and take another card. This is how a player who has doubled the bet in blackjack will get an amount close to 21 points.
  2. When you have a soft 16, 17, or 18 (meaning you have a card and an ace). A soft hand is a hand in which one of the cards is an ace. Combined with the second card, which can be a 5, 6 or 7, the total is 16, 17 or 18. It is recommended to double up when the dealer’s opening card is a weak 5 or 6 point card.
  3. When you have a hard 9 or 10 (“hard” describes a hand without an Ace). A hard hand with a total of 9 or 10 means there is no Ace in it. You may double if the dealer’s card is of lesser value. 

When not to double down

  1. When the dealer has an Ace. If the croupier’s open card is an ace, it is quite likely that the sum of the second card he gets 21. That is, the second card can be 10, which is the highest combination – blackjack. And it makes no sense for a player to risk losing double his bet.
  2. When the sum of your cards is greater than 11. There is a chance that a player with a hand of 11, when you bite, will receive a card with a point total greater than 21.
  3. When you’re not sure. If a player isn’t sure what his next move should be or doesn’t want to risk overcalling, thinks his cards are bad, it’s worth refraining from doubling up.

How to signal doubling down in blackjack

If a player wants to show that he is going to double the bet in blackjack, he places additional chips on the table. The dealer, seeing the chips, the number of which is equal to the initial bet, will deal the player an additional card. An important nuance: if a player has a pair of cards in hand and he is not going to split them, in order not to mislead the dealer, he must say the word “doubling”. If this is not done, the croupier will decide that the player wants to split the pair, as these moves are characterized by similarity of actions. When playing at the Hugewin virtual casino, the blackjack player, when deciding to double the bet, must press the appropriate button.   

What to pay attention to when doubling your bet in blackjack

Increase the chances of winning will allow the use of mathematical methods with ready-made tables, and counting cards. The decision to double is made taking into account the face value of the first cards received at the deal. If their sum is less than 12, it makes sense to go to doubling the bet blackjack and get a third card, with which the combination can strengthen.

Common questions about doubling the bet

Can I double my bet after a split?

Most casinos allow the player to decide when to double down in blackjackeven after a split, that is, a split of cards of the same value.    

Can I double my bet after a card is dealt?

No. The rules only allow doubling the bet after the first two cards have been dealt. And then the player can only get one card.

Is it always necessary to double down on 11?

Professional players believe that yes, it is a justified move. Beginners who play with caution may double down on a hand of 11 if the dealer does not have an ace or ten.

Should I double down on a 10?

Yes, with an amount less than 11 there is a chance of winning, when is it worth doubling your bet in blackjack.     

How many cards do you get when you double down in blackjack?

After doubling, the dealer gives the player only one card, which in combination with the first two will make up the decisive number of points.

Is it possible to double 21 in blackjack?

You can, as long as you don’t miss favorable situations where doubling and a third card will bring a win. 

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