An Introduction to Crypto Gambling

Examining bitcoin gambling rules requires two primary concerns. The legal status of cryptocurrencies varies widely by region. In 2021, China outlawed cryptocurrency, making crypto gaming illegal for its citizens.

The second factor is gaming laws, which vary by country. Many Asian nations, including Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia, ban online gambling. In contrast, the UK and other European nations accept and tightly monitor online gambling.

Traditional game regulations overlook Bitcoin, which is a problem. Crypto casinos are generally unregulated. Players don’t need to disclose personal information at several of the greatest crypto casinos since they skip KYC methods. VPN use makes enforcement tough.

The UK Gambling Commission mandates social gaming standards, KYC verifications, and crypto deposit monitoring like ordinary financial transactions. The commission only controls gambling sites it licenses, emphasizing the complexity of monitoring cryptocurrency gaming platforms.

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Does Using a Crypto Casino Change the Legality of Online Gambling?

Legality of cryptocurrency casinos varies by location. Players must navigate bitcoin and internet gambling laws. Internet betting may be illegal even if bitcoins are permitted.

Different interpretations of traditional gambling legislation are conceivable due to this ambiguity. Do cryptocurrencies are governed differently than fiat currencies if they are not considered “real” money?

Our research show that the finest distributed gaming systems have a Curaçao e-gaming license from the Governor. Since all transactions are in bitcoin, Curaçao-licensed enterprises seldom need KYC.

When crypto casinos accept debit or credit cards, third-party payment processors manage these transactions and need KYC checks. This is essential for anti-money laundering compliance.

The legality of internet betting is further complicated by bitcoin. Next, we’ll explore some specific departures from these notions.

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Crypto Gambling Laws Around the World

Next, we’ll delve into the variations in cryptocurrency gambling regulations across the globe. This discussion aims to enhance your comprehension of how governments and regulatory bodies perceive and manage crypto casinos.


Most importantly, cryptocurrencies are legal nationwide in the US. Gaming rules vary widely by state. CBS Sports reports that over 30 US states allow online sports betting. Casino games are accepted differently in each state.

Offshore casinos are problematic. Panama-based BetOnline has serviced US customers since 1991. All US states save New Jersey enable this network, which accepts cash and cryptocurrencies.

However, several cryptocurrency-only casinos explicitly exclude US players in their terms and conditions. Many US gamblers use these sites without KYC.

Due to the lack of US crypto gaming laws, their legality is unclear. Not all laws restrict offshore sportsbooks and casinos, regardless of payment method. Check your state’s gambling laws for details.

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With some of the most permissive gambling rules in the world, the UK has lotteries, land-based and online casinos, horse and greyhound racing tracks among other kinds of betting available. Under the control of the Gambling Commission, the UK has a strict regulatory system despite this permissiveness to guarantee that gaming is both fair and safe for its players.

One of the Gambling Commission’s main mandates is that only licensed casinos may serve UK citizens. What relevance this has to crypto casinos? As was already stated somewhat before, UK casinos have to follow Gambling Commission Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice.

This devotion calls for constant application of the anti-money laundering rules regardless of the kind of transaction—cryptocurrency or fiat money. As such, most crypto casinos decide not to let users from UK IP addresses. Still, many UK gamers seem to get over these limitations using VPNs.

Crypto casinos usually provide anonymous accounts, hence it is rather difficult for them to find if users are from the UK.

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Online casinos are under control in Canada by certain provinces. Notwithstanding this, there are no national rules prohibiting Canadians from interacting with offshore gambling websites, a choice most of them would like. Using cryptocurrency for gambling is very legal all around.

Under these conditions, Canadians wishing to wager with cryptocurrency have several options. They may decide to play at a crypto casino running outside of Canada or select an online casino regulated inside their own jurisdiction. This adaptability lets Canadians access some of the best Bitcoin gaming sites around.


Australia heavily regulates online gaming. Casino games, pokies, and quick scratch-it games are banned from online gambling platforms by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation. Internet sports betting is legal but limited to regulated organizations, save for in-play betting.

Although cryptocurrencies are legal in Australia, crypto casinos are changing. The Australian House of Representatives passed credit card and cryptocurrency gaming ban legislation. After this law takes effect, crypto casinos will ban Australian IP addresses.

It’s notable how hard these restrictions are to enforce. The secrecy of crypto casinos attracts players. The nation of residency is not required while registering, therefore gamers may mask their location using VPN services. Bitcoin transactions can hide senders and receivers, making monitoring and enforcement difficult.

General Crypto Gambling Laws

Although many nations do not completely forbid online gambling or the usage of cryptocurrency, the legality of gaming at crypto casinos with rapid withdrawal options remains a question mark. Since there is no global rule on the legality of crypto casinos, players must get acquainted with the gambling laws particular to their nation.

The legal situation of cryptocurrencies and online gambling in numerous nations we have covered is briefly summarized below:

  • United States: Bitcoins are entirely legally valid. State-by-state online gambling regulations differ in their legality of offshore casinos. State legislation will determine whether or not crypto gaming is permitted.
  • United Kingdom:Online betting and cryptocurrencies both are entirely legal. Only if the casino is run under UK Gambling Commission control will crypto gaming be allowed.
  • Canada: Coins are entirely lawful. Although most jurisdictions do not specifically forbid utilizing offshore gambling sites, online casinos have to be provinially licensed. If the casino is either situated offshore or provinially licensed, then crypto gaming is permitted.
  • Australia: Coins are entirely lawful. Except for approved sports betting—excluding in-play betting—all kinds of internet gambling are forbidden. Australia is nonetheless headed toward a ban on cryptocurrency gaming.

Players should always ensure they are in compliance with their local laws before participating in online or crypto gambling to avoid any legal repercussions.

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Crypto Gambling Licenses

No cryptocurrency casino licenses exist yet. Individual gambling authorities choose crypto gaming strategy. The UK Gambling Commission requires its licensees to follow identical standards and treats bitcoin transactions like fiat money.

Some regulators overlook cryptocurrency. As we found on top Bitcoin blackjack websites, several reputable cryptocurrency casinos have licenses from the Governor of Curaçao, possibly for numerous reasons.

Curaçao’s gaming laws are lenient compared to the UK and Australia. Curaçao licenses are very simple. Crypto casinos seeking global appeal need Curaçao’s licenses’ permission to operate internationally. However, Australian-licensed betting sites only serve Australian gamblers. Good tax laws make Curaçao an enticing cryptocurrency gambling base.

Curaçao is crypto-friendly. Several prominent crypto casinos are licensed there, however client safety is limited.

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Crypto Gambling Tax

Let’s dive into the essentials of cryptocurrency gambling taxation as of 2024, along with some practical examples to illustrate how taxes are applied.

In nations like the UK, Canada, and Australia, gambling winnings are generally not taxed. The exception in Canada and Australia is when gambling constitutes the primary source of income for a person.

In the United States, all gambling earnings must be declared as income within the year they are received, regardless of whether the winnings are in fiat currency or cryptocurrency.

Crypto Casino Taxes: What to Consider

Notable among several nations, including the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, are capital gains from cryptocurrencies taxable in many of them. This feature is especially relevant for crypto gaming as digital currencies have changing values.

For instance, consider this scenario:

  • You deposit one Bitcoin you bought for $30,000 at a crypto casino.
  • After Bitcoin’s value has surged to $40,000, a few days later you withdraw 1.5 BTC to your private wallet.
  • Should it be sold, the original one BTC has a capital gain of $10,000 ($40,000 – $30,000).
  • Considered as gambling earnings, the extra 0.5 BTC has a cost base of $40,000 per Bitcoin. There is not any capital gains tax due if sold at this price.

These tax guidelines are broad and can vary by jurisdiction. For more precise details, refer to our comprehensive guide on cryptocurrency tax statistics.

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Can You Play Legally in Crypto Casinos?

In essence, the rules controlling crypto gaming vary greatly depending on the area and are not just complex and open for interpretation. Furthermore, the application of these rules poses some difficulties.

This difficulty results in part from many crypto casinos offering anonymous accounts, which do not call for player geographical information. Thus, it is essential to look closely at the particular legislation relevant in your nation. This will make the legal situation of crypto gaming in your location clear-cut.

Is crypto gambling legal?

Country-specific legislation determine crypto gaming’s legality. Players should check their country’ cryptocurrency and wagering laws.

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