The best strategy for baccarat for beginners

Inexperienced players should adhere to a cautious baccarat betting strategy. This is to avoid betting on a draw if possible, because the probability of such an outcome does not exceed 14%. Thus, there are 2 betting options left: on the player and on the banker. They have almost the same chances of falling out (44% player and 45% – banker), however, with a bet on the banker casinos charge a commission, beginners this is simply not profitable, because they initially do not have much chance of winning.

Before joining the virtual gaming table, it is useful to observe the process, the actions of gamblers and what amounts and on whom or what they bet. This will help to better get into the essence of baccaratand in the future choose your strategyfor winning. To take a look at the game, all you need to do is log in to your personal Hugewin account, make sure you have an amount on your balance sufficient for the minimum bet, then choose your favorite Baccarat variation and click on the “Play” banner.

Baccarat betting strategies

There are 2 main strategies for playing baccarat in casinos they are progress and regression. Each of them is justified in its own way, so it is impossible to state unequivocally which one is better.

Betting strategy with negative progression

This method assumes to determine the maximum amount of the bet and start from it. That is, the user initially makes the largest bet, in case of a win repeats it, and in case of an unsuccessful outcome reduces the bet amount by the betting step specified by the rules of the selected live.

The main thing to remember is that when losing, repeated several (for example, 5 or more) times in a row, it makes sense to try your luck in another live machine or in general start a new “race” tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and so on. Do not fixate on the game.

Fixed betting strategy

Fixed odds is one of the popular systems or strategies for baccarat. Its main advantage is its extreme simplicity and accessibility. The essence is to bet the same amount of money (selected bank) all the time.

Martingale betting strategy

The Martingale methodology is very much in demand as it can be applied to slots, live entertainment, and even table games (including Baccarat). It is considered template for baccaratand involves progression, that is, doubling the amount bet after each failure. In terms of math, the probability of success with this approach, in most cases, is 50%, which is not too bad. Like any other system, it has its advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of the Martingale method

The strengths of the technique, the author of which is Martingale, can be attributed to:

  • Simplicity (does not require a good knowledge of math, statistics, probability theory, etc.);
  • Versatility (suitable for baccarat, among others);
  • Good chances of success (it is believed that sooner or later the gambler will win and then the jackpot he will receive will cover the costs of previous unsuccessful bets);

Minuses of the Martingale strategy

Perhaps the only disadvantage of this system can be considered that it is designed for long sessions. If the user wants to play baccarat a couple of times, most likely, the Martingale system will be useless to him.

Fibonacci betting strategy

Ever since the mathematician Fibonacci offered the world his system for increasing the probability of winning, it has been consistently popular with gamblers. Such strategy card game is optimal for baccarat, poker, Black Jack and some others.

The essence of the method is that the first 2 times the user makes a minimum bet. In case of winning, everything starts again, and in case of losing, the third bet will be equal to the sum of the previous two. If it does not play, the fourth bet should be made on the sum of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd bets. This method is based on a series of Fibonacci numbers and gives a pretty good chance of a successful outcome of the game.

Advantages of the Fibonacci method

The advantages of this gambling technique include:

  • In terms of math, using Fibo numbers by a third (33.33% to be exact) increases the possibility of ripping off the jackpot;
  • Like the Martingale method, this system is universal;

Disadvantages of the Fibonacci system

Practically the only weakness of using such a method is considered to be the fact that it requires an impressive bank for its realization. Fibonacci works only in the long term, that is, on long gambling “runs”.

1-3-2-6 betting strategy

One of the uncomplicated to quite successful strategiesforbaccarat in casino is the 1-3-2-6 betting system. It is similar to the Password methodology, but differs in the sequence of betting. The essence of it is to choose a minimum amount for yourself and bet according to the plan: 1 minimum, 3 minimums, then 2 and 6 minimums,

Advantages of the 1-3-2-6 strategy

To the pros of this method can be attributed extreme simplicity, as well as the fact that in case of failure, the amount of the next bet does not increase. This saves from losing large sums of money, if the victory never comes, and the gambler decides to stop playing.

Disadvantages of the 1-3-2-6 strategy

The disadvantage of this method is that it not only does not guarantee a win (like any other strategy), but also does not significantly increase the probability of a favorable outcome.

Password betting strategy

The Password system appeared in the 17th century and has been used quite successfully for card games ever since. It is quite a bold, but also risky approach. But in case of victory, the gambler gets quite a generous prize. In fact, this is the antipode of the Martingale strategy, because in case of an unfavorable outcome, the next bet should be half the previous one. Having won, the user takes the money and next time bets twice as much.

Advantages of the Paroles strategy

This is one of the most effective strategies for baccarat. Its plus point is to protect the bankroll from dangerous losing streaks. Players make bets that exceed the preferred (standard) value by 4 or more times. They risk money in order to hit the jackpot, rather than trivialize the loss.

Disadvantages of the strategy Passwords

The minus of this system is that it is impossible to predict when the gambler starts to get lucky. To wait for the “bright hour”, you may have to play for a long time, making not 1 or 2, but 10 or 15 bets.

Strategy for predicting the correct result of the banker or player

To correctly predict the outcome in baccarat, you can count cards. This became popular after Edward Thorpe wrote and published a book called “Beat the Dealer” in 1964. In it, he detailed how to calculate the probability that a banker, a gambler, or a tie (which is less common) would win.

Э. Thorpe suggests that users start with a zero psychological score. They then add +4 for low value cards and -9 for high value cards. The higher the all-in bet, the more you have to risk. In case the score is zero or negative, it makes sense to lower the bet.

Casino advantage and baccarat betting strategies

All gaming strategiesfor baccarat in casinos consider the house advantage. If we talk about a standard game, the casino’s betting advantage per player is 1.24% and the banker’s betting advantage is 1.06% (with standard 8 decks), which is not much at all.  It is in Baccarat that the casino has the smallest advantage compared to other table games.

Most of the systems to increase the probability of winning are designed for main bets. In addition to them, there are side bets in the game that have a much lower probability of playing. They differ in different variants of baccarat and depend on the peculiarities of the live from one or another author.

Additional bets affect the share of the casino, for the player they are approximately 2.65% and for the banker – 9.37%.

The impact of commission on baccarat strategies

As a rule, systems to increase the probability of winning are designed for different games, therefore, they do not one hundred percent take into account the rules of baccarat, Black Jack or poker. Still, those who use strategies for baccarat in casinos, take into account that there is a penalty for betting on the banker, and for the others – no.

Expert tips for winning at baccarat

Card game experts advise using strategies to win at baccarat. Although this entertainment seems relatively simple, the use of systems still gives a pretty good result.

Also experienced players recommend to avoid betting on a draw. Although with a favorable result, the gambler receives a winnings, eight times the amount of the bet, the probability of winning, in this case, is very low.

Regardless of the results of the session, do not stick to the same strategy for too long. Luck can not last long, and with constant failures in general it makes sense to change the approach.

As in any other gambling entertainment, it is important to focus on the gameplay and do not get distracted by extraneous thoughts or tasks. Baccarat (and other games) should not be perceived as a way to make money and get rich, it is primarily a game that allows you to not boring to spend time.

Myths and misconceptions about baccarat strategies

It should be understood that no one, even the most effective strategy for playing casino baccarat does not guarantee victory. This is a gambling entertainment in which quite a lot depends on luck and good fortune.

And yet, contrary to popular belief, systems to increase winnings can and should be used in baccarat. They slightly increase the probability of success and discipline users to consistent betting, miscalculations, forecasting and even better bankroll management.

Conclusion on strategy in baccarat

The use of strategies increases the chances of winning, but does not guarantee it. The most effective is considered to be the calculation of cards, but this can only be done by experienced gamblers, who are experienced in this card entertainment. Beginners can apply the Fibonacci or Martingale method, as they are simple and do not require a “mathematical mind”.

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