We invite you to play bitcoin blackjack. The rules and strategies for it are the same as for the regular game. Learn them or refresh your blackjack knowledge in a further review. Practice, use basic strategies and enjoy the game.

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What is Blackjack on Bitcoin?

Blackjack is a popular card game all over the world. Success in it depends on luck, although strategy partially influences the result. The rules of Blackjack on Bitcoin remain the same as in games with bets on world currencies. But in casinos with bitcoin blackjack make deposits, bet and withdraw winnings in cryptocurrency.

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Rules for playing Blackjack with Bitcoin

Цель блэкджека – победить дилера, не превысив при этом 21 очка. Эти баллы набираются с помощью карт, полученных на руки. Очки распределяются так:

  • According to the number written on the cards.
  • The price of the cards is 10.
  • Ace: 1 or 11 depending on the situation. If the sum of points is more than 21, the ace is counted as 1.

The price of the cards remains the same throughout the game. A hand with an ace is called a “soft” hand. The most successful situation is when there is a picture and an ace in the hand, resulting in 21 points.

The player can choose one of two solutions:

  1. Take another card.
  2. Leave it as it is and take nothing.

In some situations, other actions can be taken:

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  • Insurance. Available if the dealer has an ace. The player bets again and, if the dealer has a blackjack, gets half of the insurance amount back. The main bet is lost.
  • Doubling. The player raises the bet 2 times and gets another card. Doubling applies when the sum of the first two cards is between 8 and 11, and when the soft hand is between 12 and 19.
  • Split. The hand is split in half with cards of equal value. Another bet is then made. If both hands win, the participant gets double the winnings. If one hand loses, he keeps his money.
  • Surrender. Giving up half of your bet without further participation in the Deal. This option can be used if the dealer has a picture and the player’s hand is likely to burn after receiving a card.

To win, you must collect cards with the sum of points close to 21 and more than the dealer. It is not allowed to exceed 21 points – otherwise the cards are burned.

During the deal, the dealer asks each player in turn if they want to draw cards. Then he plays his hand, and then the result of the deal is determined.

How to Start Playing Blackjack with Bitcoin

To play blackjack for bitcoins, you need to choose a reliable and safe online casino. Below we recommend several such establishments. You can choose one of them, register there and fund your account. And then choose your favorite blackjack variant, play, enjoy the process and get winnings in cryptocurrency.

Registration on the platform

To register at an online casino, you need to find the corresponding button. Click on it, the registration window will open. Fill out all the fields, read the “Privacy Policy”. Click the “Register” button. Confirm the procedure with the code from the sms or link in the e-mail.

Deposit in bitcoins

Go to your account. Find the financial section. There you can choose a convenient way to replenish your game account. Funds are usually credited in a few minutes.

Selecting and launching the game

Once you have registered an account and funded your account, you can choose to play. Many online casinos have blackjack in a video game version and a live casino version. Both formats have several game options – choose the one you know best.

Receipt and use of bonuses

Online casinos offer different bonus programs for new customers and players who have already registered for a long time. Such promotions award bonus funds that can be used for betting. With their help, you save your budget, extend your gaming session and, if you are lucky, win.

Strategies for winning Blackjack on Bitcoin

To play live blackjack for bitcoins successfully, many gamers use strategies. Most of them are based on math and attentiveness. It is better to start with simple strategies and move on to more complex ones.

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Basic strategies for playing Blackjack

Blackjack is a game where strategy can contribute to success. Here are some basic methods to increase your chance of winning:

  • Basic Strategy. This is a set of rules, based on math, that determine the desired outcome for certain combinations of player and dealer cards. There are several of these rules. Hit – to take an extra card when the score is low. Stand – Stop and take nothing for a high score. Double Down – Double the bet and take one extra card. Split – to split into two if it is profitable.
  • Dealer’s card counting. A method of playing Blackjack based on the dealer’s cards. If they are weak (from 2 to 6), there is a chance of overcalling. It is better to stand on lower values.
  • Split. Always split aces and eights and do not split tens or fives.
  • Double Down. Double down by 11 to increase the chances of getting 21 points or close to it.
  • Soft Hands. These contain an ace, which can be a 1 or an 11. With a soft 18 and a dealer’s 2, 7 or 8, it is better to stop, against 3-6 it is better to double down, against 9, 10 and an ace it is better to take a card. With soft 17 and below, it is worth taking one card or doubling if it is profitable to do so.
  • Hard hands. These have no Ace or count as a 1. With a hard hand of 17 or more you should stop. A hard hand of 12-16 is to stand with dealer’s cards (2-6) and take a card (with dealer’s cards 7 or more).
  • Surrender. Surrender on a hard 16 against the dealer’s 9, 10 or Ace.
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Tips for bankroll management

Bankroll is the amount allocated to gambling including blackjack. Before you start, decide on it. And when the game starts, do not exceed the bankroll. If there was a win, use this money for betting, and the initially allocated amount set aside.


Blackjack on Bitcoin is a modern variant of the famous table game. All its rules, strategies and nuances are preserved. The only change is the possibility to pay with cryptocurrencies. Take advantage of this opportunity, enjoy bitcoin blackjack, excitement and communication with similarly interested people on reliable sites.


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