Bitcoin (BTC) bitcoin roulette is a variant of the game in which bets are made with cryptocurrency. Its rules are identical to the usual roulette. We invite you to understand with us the peculiarities of the game and choose an interesting version for yourself.

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Why play Bitcoin roulette?

Bitcoin roulette is a progressive version of the classic roulette for casino games. It involves betting and winning with cryptocurrency, not just Bitcoin. Some bitcoin roulette sites offer settlements in several dozen cryptocurrencies, and also accept bank cards and e-wallets.

Bitcoin roulette

Benefits of playing roulette on Bitcoin

Transferring to a bitcoin account allows you to choose a casino, regardless of location, to play roulette. Such establishments do not have restrictions similar to those used for traditional currencies, such as transaction times or high fees. Many platforms offer special promotions and bonuses for Bitcoin customers.

Anonymity and confidentiality

Bitcoin settlements are not completely anonymous. In particular, to get some services related to cryptocurrencies, it is necessary to disclose your personal data. When registering at a casino, you also need to provide your first and last name and date of birth. Part of the anonymity and privacy of bitcoin is manifested in the concealment of data from the representatives of the state, if settlements are not regulated in any way on its territory.

Minimal commissions and fast transactions

Bitcoin was the first to set a standard for transaction fees. Collecting a portion of the amount of transfers is necessary to protect against large spam attacks and to encourage correct behavior. Transaction fees are less than a thousandth of a percent of the amount.

As for transaction times, they are also standardized. Bitcoin blocks are added approximately every 10 minutes. A block can be dealt with immediately after sending a message to support or as the queue progresses. However, the total time does not exceed a few minutes.

Availability of the game anytime and anywhere

Bitcoin calculations in roulette and other gambling games can be made anytime and anywhere. Any device and a good internet signal will do to enter the club. Some countries restrict the activities of online platforms, but customers can use VPN or proxy servers to access their favorite entertainment. 

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Criteria for choosing a Bitcoin roulette site

Bitcoin calculations in online roulette is one of the indicators of customer convenience in the casino. However – this is not the main criterion of quality. The base of reliability is the license. This document confirms that the casino adheres to the norms established in the field of gambling. A club with a license implements security technologies, helps in solving the problems of its customers, offers a wide range of games.

Reliability and security of the platform

Reliability and security are the most important aspects when choosing an online casino. They are confirmed by the presence of a license. This document guarantees that the club operates in accordance with the standards in the field of gambling. Reliability and security is also confirmed by regular technical audits, the use of information security protocols (SSL and data encryption protocol).

User-friendliness and customer support

An online casino should be convenient and understandable for the client. In practice it looks like this: a person enters the site for the first time, and it is clear to him where and what sections are located, how to register. Already registered users can easily find the rules of calculations. The support service is available to all clients – those who entered the site for the first time and those who want to solve financial or technical issues.

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Types of roulette on Bitcoin

There are many variations of roulette. They are named after the countries or cities where they appeared. In general, the rules of roulette are similar, differing only in some rules.

American roulette on Bitcoin

American Bitcoin Roulette is one of the varieties of this game. Its main difference is the presence of two zeros (0 and 00) on the wheel, that is, the wheel consists of 38 cells. Otherwise, the rules of the game and betting are standard.

European Roulette on Bitcoin

European roulette is a variation with one zero on the wheel. In general, there are 37 cells on the playing field. In the game you can bet on individual numbers, groups of numbers, outside bets on colors, parity and odd, range of numbers.

French Roulette on Bitcoin

French roulette is similar to European roulette and has one zero division on the wheel. The main difference in French roulette is the additional rules, La Partage and En Prison. According to La Partage, if the ball hits zero, the player gets back half of their bet on even odds (e.g. red/black, even/odd). Under the En Prison rule, if an even odds bet loses because of a zero, it remains “in jail” until the next spin. If the bet wins the next round, the player gets it back.

Live roulette on Bitcoin

Live bitcoin roulette is conducted with the participation of a real dealer. Such a person is in a studio with a game table and video cameras. The dealer manages the game just like a croupier in a real casino hall. Players sit near their screens and can chat with each other. The rules of the game are determined by what kind of roulette is used at a given table.

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Bitcoin roulette bonuses and promotions

To play roulette for bitcoin in many casinos, you can use bonus funds. Additional money from the gambling club prolongs the gaming session and increases the chances of winning. Promotions involve different deposit amounts and bonus wagering terms.

Current bonuses and promotions

About the current promotions can be found on the casino site in a special section, on the main page or in the footer. If there is no such information, contact the support service. Usually, casinos offer promotions for newcomers and current players, with deposits of different amounts.

How to get the most out of bonuses

To participate in promotions is profitable, choose program options with wagering requirements that can fulfill. For example, you can participate in bonuses where a minimum deposit is required. Some clubs have organized promotions without a deposit – they are also beneficial for participation.

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Bitcoin roulette strategies

Roulette players have come up with and utilize a host of strategies and approaches to increase their chances of winning. However, this does not guarantee a win. The result of roulette is random, and any strategies can be applied as an experimental method.

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Strategy basics for beginners

Beginners need to decide on the amount of their bankroll. It should be such that it does not affect your daily life. Winnings should be used for betting and the bankroll should be set aside temporarily. In the case of using the bankroll, it is necessary to stop when it runs out.

Advanced strategies for experienced players

There are many strategies for playing live roulette on bitcoin. However, their effectiveness is questionable due to the fact that the result is always random. The most famous approaches are the following:

  • Fibonacci strategy. It is better to start betting with minimal amounts, and as you win, increase. After each successful round increase the bet by the next number in the sequence: 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 5, 8, 13 and further.
  • Dalembert Strategy. Instead of doubling the bet after a loss, increase it by one unit. After winning, decrease it by one unit.
  • Martingale strategy. When losing, double the bet, and when winning, return to the initial bet.

Experiment with strategies, but don’t rely entirely on them for your games.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Bitcoin roulette and regular roulette?

Bitcoin roulette involves settlement with cryptocurrency, usually several types of it. Whereas in regular roulette you can only bet with fiat (regular) currency from bank cards or e-wallets.

How to check the honesty of a Bitcoin casino?

Is it possible to play roulette on Bitcoin without investing?

What safety precautions should be observed?

Is there an age limit to play Bitcoin roulette?

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