Dice Terminology A to Z

The game of dice has many specific terms that can be confusing to newcomers. From A to Z, let’s break down the basic terms found in this exciting game.


The term “Aces” in the dice game refers to the roll of two units on the dice. This is considered a bad roll in most variations of the game, as it often results in a loss. It is important to be able to recognize this outcome and strategically plan your bets based on the possibility of Ace Deuce.

Ace Deuce

The term “Ace Deuce” refers to the combination of a one on one die and a deuce on the other. In some variations of the dice game, this can be a winning combination, while in others it can signal a certain action. Knowing how different combinations affect the outcome of the game can greatly increase your chances of success.

Any Dice Game

The term “Any Dice Game” refers to universal rules that apply to most casinos and gaming platforms such as Hugewin. This means that no matter which game variant you choose to play, the basic principles of betting management, risk assessment and result interpretation remain stable and clear. Mastery of these aspects of the game allows players to better adapt to different situations on the gaming table.

Any Seven

“Any Seven” is a popular bet type in dice games, and is especially prized at Hugewin Casino for its simplicity and potential for quick wins. The bet wins if a seven comes up on the next roll, regardless of the combination on the dice. This bet appeals to beginners and experienced players alike because of its straightforwardness and the possibility of instant results.


In the context of a dice game, the term “Hand” refers to the series of rolls that one player makes before the dice move on to the next. On the Hugewin platform, understanding how to manage your “hand” is crucial, as it can greatly affect the outcome of the game. Effective “hand” management requires knowledge of the rules of the game, betting strategies and the ability to read the game, which is a key skill for a successful dice game.

Basic Dealers

In the context of craps, Hugewin’s “Base Dealers” play a key role in ensuring the integrity and transparency of each round. Not only do they control rolls and payouts, but they also help players understand the intricacies of the rules. Knowing the functions and strategies of dealers can greatly improve your gaming experience, increasing your chances of success.

Correct bets

“Right Bets” are bets that bet that the shooter (the player rolling the dice) will win. These bets include Pass Line and Come Bets, which are known for their high probability of winning and are often favored by both novice and experienced players on the Hugewin platform. Using these bets as part of your strategy can greatly increase your advantage over the casino.

Incorrect Bets

Unlike correct bets, Wrong Bets are betting against the shooter. These bets, such as Don’t Pass and Don’t Come, may seem counter-intuitive, but they offer some of the best odds in the game and are popular among more experienced Hugewin players. Knowing when to make the wrong bets based on the flow of the game can be a crucial skill for an effective dice game.

Big Six

“The Big Six” is a dice game bet available on the Hugewin platform that wins if the six is rolled before the seven appears. This bet is attractive to players due to its simplicity and relatively low risk, making it a popular choice for beginners.

Big Eight

Similar to the Big Six, the Big Eight is a bet that the eight will fall before the seven. This bet is also offered at Hugewin and is preferred by punters looking for stable and reliable betting options with moderate risk.

Big Red

“Big Red” is the slang name for a bet on the roll of a seven in a dice game. This bet is particularly popular on Hugewin because of its straightforwardness and potential for quick wins, making it the choice of many experienced players.


In the context of Hugewin, “Dice” are not just playing pieces, but a symbol of strategy, luck, and opportunity. Understanding how dice can change the dynamics of a game is key to successful play. Players who study the different combinations and probabilities of certain numbers can greatly improve their chances of winning.

Box Numbers

In the Hugewin dice game, “Box Numbers” refers to the numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10, which are set up as dots. These numbers are the centerpieces of the game, as bets on them can remain active until either a dot or a seven is rolled. Knowing and using Box Numbers effectively can greatly increase your chances of success in craps.

Box Cars

“Box Cars” refers to a combination where a six is rolled on both dice, adding up to twelve. This is one of the most difficult combinations in craps offered at Hugewin as a high stakes bet, which attracts players willing to take risks for big winnings.


On the Hugewin, the “Boxman” is the casino clerk responsible for overseeing the craps table. The Boxman makes sure the game is played correctly, manages the cache and dice, and resolves disputes during the game. Knowing the role and functions of the Boxman helps players better navigate the gameplay and increases their confidence in the fairness and transparency of the game.

The Boys

In the context of Hugewin Casino, “Boys” is a slang term for inferior dealers or assistants at the craps table. They assist in the processing of bets and payouts, as well as communication between players and dealers. The work of the “boys” is critical to maintaining the rhythm and atmosphere at the table, making the game more dynamic and exciting.

C&E Bet

The C&E Bet at Hugewin is a combination bet where half of the bet goes on Craps (2, 3, or 12) and the other half goes on 11 (Eleven). This bet allows players to cover multiple outcomes at the same time, increasing the chances of winning in a single round. It is particularly popular with those who seek a dynamic and strategically rich game.

Center Field

In a dice game at Hugewin, the “Center Field” or Field Bet is a one-roll bet that wins if the dice roll a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12. The center field bet is attractive because of its simplicity and ability to produce quick results, making it one of the most commonly used bets among beginners and experienced players.

Cold Dice or Cold Table

The term “cold dice” or “cold table” is used in Hugewin to describe a situation where most bets are losing and the dice appear to be “frozen”. This state of play requires extreme caution and a rethinking of strategies, as continuing under such conditions can result in significant losses.

Come Bet or Come Line

Come Bet in Hugewin is a bet similar to Pass Line Bet, but is made after the ‘point’ is set. This bet wins if the dice roll a 7 or 11 after its deal, and loses if it rolls a 2, 3, or 12. If another number is rolled, it becomes the ‘point’ for this bet. Come Bet is popular for its strategic features and ability to dynamically change the potential winnings over the course of the game.

Come Out

In the context of a Hugewin dice game, ‘Come Out’ refers to the initial roll in a round that determines the ‘point’ or results in an immediate win or loss. If a 2, 3, 7, 11, or 12 is rolled, the game progresses according to those results. Knowing the rules for the ‘Come Out’ roll is vital to forming a successful betting strategy.


“Craps” in Hugewin is the name for a roll in a dice game that results in a roll of 2, 3, or 12. This result usually results in a loss on Pass Line bets on a ‘Come Out’ roll, but can be a win in other betting contexts. Understanding how different numbers affect the outcome of a game is critical for players.

Craps Check

“Craps Check” is a protective bet used at Hugewin to minimize losses on a ‘Come Out’ roll if the player expects a craps roll. The bet is usually made for an amount that covers the potential loss on the Pass Line. This is a strategic move that experienced players use to manage their bankroll.

Craps Without Dice

“Craps without dice” is a variation of the dice game offered at Hugewin where the game is played without the use of physical dice. Instead, the outcomes are generated using random number software, ensuring that every roll is fair and random. This version of the game is ideal for online players who prefer fast and continuous play.

Dice Numbers

In the dice game at Hugewin, ‘Dice Numbers’ refers to the numbers that are set as dots after a ‘Come Out’ roll – these are 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10. Understanding the meaning of these numbers and their probabilities helps players form effective betting strategies. Each number has a different pattern of occurrence, which affects the odds and potential payouts.

Crap Out

“Crap Out” means losing on a ‘Come Out’ roll on a roll of 2, 3 or 12 in a dice game on Hugewin. This event ends the Pass Line betting round and a new round begins. Knowing and anticipating the possibility of a ‘Crap Out’ plays a key role in betting management and game planning.

Don’t Come Bet

“Don’t Come Bet” in Hugewin is similar to Don’t Pass Bet, but is made after the ‘point’ is set. This bet wins if the dice roll a 2 or 3, loses at 7 or 11, and sets the ‘point’ if any other number is rolled. This is a popular bet amongst players who prefer to play against the thrower.

Don’t Pass

In the context of Hugewin betting, ‘Don’t Pass’ refers to a strategy where punters make a Don’t Pass Bet – a bet against the thrower. This means that the bet wins when a 2 or 3 falls on a ‘Come Out’ throw, loses at 7 or 11, and becomes a ‘point’ if a 12 falls. Such a bet attracts punters looking to bet on less likely outcomes for bigger winnings.

Double odds

On the Hugewin platform, ‘Double Odds’ represents a bet that can be placed after the ‘point’ has been set. This bet allows you to double your original Pass Line or Don’t Pass bet, increasing your potential winnings. Double odds is a popular option among players who are confident in their strategy and expect a certain throw outcome.


“Down” in the context of Hugewin indicates the action of a player taking a bet off the table. This can be applied to various types of bets, including active odds betting, when a player feels that the risks exceed the potential rewards. Knowing how to withdraw a bet in time can be critical to bankroll management and minimizing losses.

The Easy Way

“Easy way” in the Hugewin dice game refers to rolling the sum on the dice through different numbers (e.g., 3 and 3 as not “easy way” to get a six, but 4 and 2 as “easy”). The term is used to describe rolls that do not include pairs. “Easy way” bets can offer higher payouts but involve more risk.


“Fever” is a slang expression used at Hugewin to describe the excited state of players when they expect to win or are on a winning streak. This state can cause players to deviate from their usual betting strategies and take more risks, sometimes resulting in significant winnings or, conversely, losses.

Front Line

“Front Line” is another name for the Pass Line bet in craps, commonly used on Hugewin. It is one of the most basic bets, where players bet that the shooter will roll a 7 or 11 on a ‘Come Out’ roll or successfully repeat the ‘point’ number before rolling a 7.

Free Odds

On the Hugewin platform, “Free Odds” is a type of craps bet that does not charge a casino commission and offers true odds, making it one of the most profitable bets in the game. This bet can be added to Pass, Don’t Pass, Come, and Don’t Come bets, greatly increasing the potential winnings without additional risk.


In the context of Hugewin craps, “Garden” is a slang term for the Field betting area, where players can place one-time bets on the roll of one of several numbers in a single roll. These bets include 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, and 12, making “Garden” an attractive choice for those looking for quick results.


At the Hugewin, “George” is a slang expression used to describe a generous player who leaves large tips for the dealers. Tipping is considered a sign of appreciation for good service and fair play, and generous players are often respected by staff and other players alike.

Hard Way

In a dice game at Hugewin, the “Hard Way” bet wins when a player rolls paired numbers leading to amounts of 4, 6, 8, or 10 before an “easy” way of the same numbers or 7 is rolled. These bets appeal to players looking for high payout odds and add strategic depth to the gameplay.


The Hi-Lo bet on Hugewin covers two possible outcomes in one bet: hitting the highest (12) and lowest (2) numbers. It is a one-roll bet that offers players a chance to win on one of these extreme throw results.


“Hi-Lo-Yo” involves betting three numbers: 2, 12, and 11 (Yo) in one bet on Hugewin. This extends the range of the Hi-Lo bet by adding the element of 11 to increase the odds of winning. Although the risks are high, this bet can lead to significant payouts due to the high odds.

Hop Bet

The Hop Bet on Hugewin is a specific bet where players can bet on a specific number or combination of numbers that they think will fall on the next roll. This bet allows players to choose their own numbers, which brings a personalized element to the game. “Hop Bet” requires accurate prediction, but rewards accuracy with high payouts.

Horn Bet

On the Hugewin platform, “Horn Bet” allows players to bet simultaneously on four numbers: 2, 3, 11, и 12. This bet is divided equally between these numbers, and wins if any of them come up on the next roll. “Horn Bet” attracts players with its ability to cover multiple high payouts at the same time, making it popular for those looking for big opportunities in a single roll.

Inside Numbers

“Inside Numbers” on Hugewin refer to the numbers 5, 6, 8, and 9, which are often the center of dice betting. Players often focus on these numbers because they are more likely to fall out due to more combinations on the dice. The Inside Numbers betting strategy can offer more consistent and frequent wins, making it a mainstay of many gambling approaches.

Lay Bet

“Lay Bet” is a bet at Hugewin that allows players to bet against a certain number, assuming that 7 will fall before that number. This is the flip side of a ‘Buy’ bet, and it requires players to pay a commission for the opportunity to place such a bet. “Lay Bet” is often used by experienced players who want to utilize the statistical advantage of 7 in a dice game.


“Layout” at Hugewin Casino is a specially designed betting field that displays all possible bets and their placement in a dice game. Knowing the “Layout” is critical for all players, as it allows them to understand where and what bets can be placed. It is especially important for beginners to learn “Layout” in order to maximize their participation in the game and make informed bets.

Lay Odds

At Hugewin, “Lay Odds” represent an additional bet that can be placed in conjunction with a “Lay Bet”. This bet does not charge a commission and gives players the chance to increase their winnings by betting against a certain number. “Lay Odds” increase the potential winnings if the 7 is rolled before the ‘point’ number, providing a strategic advantage in the game.

Little Joe

“Little Joe” on Hugewin is the slang name for the combination of dice when the sum of four (both twos) is rolled. This bet is popular with players looking for specific numbers to bet, and is often used in strategies focusing on low numbers.


In the context of dice on Hugewin, ‘Low’ usually refers to bets involving low dice outcomes like 1, 2, or 3. Betting on ‘Low’ outcomes can include certain combinations such as ‘Crap Bets’ where players bet on the probability of hitting 2, 3, or 12.

Little Phoebe

“Little Phoebe” is another slang expression on Hugewin, describing the falling out of the number five (3 and 2). It is a popular choice for betting on specific numbers in strategies where players focus on ‘point’ numbers, providing opportunities for those looking to utilize less risky but potentially profitable bets.


On the Hugewin, a ‘Marker’ is used to indicate the status of a dice game. When a ‘point’ is set, the marker becomes ‘ON’ and is placed on the number that has become the ‘point’. This marker is important for all participants in the game as it clearly shows what stage the game is at and which bets are active.

Mark the Point

“Mark the Point” on Hugewin is an action where, after a ‘Come Out’ roll, a marker is placed on the table on the number that has become the ‘point’. This signals the game’s transition to the next phase, where players will bet based on that ‘point’. Understanding this point is critical to forming a successful betting strategy.


“Mechanic” in the context of Hugewin describes a player who uses special throwing skills to try to influence dice results. While such techniques are not applicable in online casinos, the term is sometimes used in conversations about strategies and probabilities associated with physical versions of the game.


“Natural” in a dice game on Hugewin means hitting a 7 or 11 on a ‘Come Out’ roll, which automatically results in a win on Pass Line bets. This outcome is one of the most desired among players as it provides immediate payouts and gives the shooter the opportunity to continue rolling.


In the context of a Hugewin dice game, “Nina” refers to the falling out of the number nine. Players often refer to this as the “Nina nine” and bet on the nine falling out before the seven appears, which can bring significant winnings. This term is part of a wide range of jargon used in craps, and understanding its significance helps with betting orientation and game strategy.

One-Ruble Bet

“One-Ruble Bet” at Hugewin is a small sized bet that allows players to participate in the game with minimal risk. While these bets do not yield large winnings, they are ideal for beginners or those who want to learn the dynamics of the game without risking large sums of money.

Odds Bet

“Odds bet” at Hugewin is an additional bet that is placed after the ‘point’ is set. This bet has no casino advantage and allows players to increase their potential winnings. Odds bets appeal to experienced players due to their ability to significantly increase winnings if the game is successful.


The term “Off” on Hugewin is used to indicate that certain bets are not active on the current roll. This can be applied to “Come” and “Don’t Come” bets, which are temporarily out of play until the next roll is played. Understanding when bets are “Off” helps players manage their bets more efficiently and avoid unnecessary losses.


The term ‘On’ at Hugewin Casino indicates that play continues and dice rolls affect active bets. When the marker is placed on ‘On’, it means that the ‘point’ is set and players can continue to place bets that depend on that number. Knowing when a game is ‘On’ helps players in making informed betting decisions.

Outside numbers

“Side numbers” on Hugewin are bets on numbers that are not included in the main ‘point’ setting process. This includes numbers such as 2, 3, 11 and 12 that offer high payouts per shot. Players who bet on “Outside Numbers” are looking for big wins due to the high payout odds, making these bets attractive to risk lovers.


“Parlay” at Hugewin Casino is a strategy for doubling a bet after a win, allowing players to use winnings to increase their next bet. This can be applied to any bet, including numerical and outcome bets. Using Parlay can significantly increase the potential winnings if luck is with the punter.

Pass Bet

On the Hugewin platform, the ‘Pass Bet’ is one of the most basic bets in the dice game. This bet wins if a 7 or 11 is rolled on a ‘Come Out’ roll and loses if a 2, 3 or 12 is rolled. If any other number is rolled, it becomes a ‘point’ and the ‘Pass Bet’ will win if the ‘point’ is rolled again before the 7 is rolled. This is the basis of game dynamics and strategy at Hugewin.

Pass Line

“Pass Line” at Hugewin is the spot on the game table where players place the “Pass Bet”. This line is central to many dice strategies, as most games begin with a roll on the “Pass Line”. Understanding the rules associated with this bet is critical for anyone seeking to play dice at a professional level.

Payout Odds

“Payout odds” at Hugewin reflect the probability of certain numbers falling out and their corresponding payouts. These odds are critical for players, as they help to gauge the potential profitability of different bets. Studying the payout table can give punters an advantage by allowing them to choose bets with the best chances of winning.

Place Bet

“Place Bet” on Hugewin allows players to select a number (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10) that they are betting it will fall before the 7 falls. This bet offers flexibility as players can bet at any point during the game. “Place bets” are popular among experienced players because of their ability to bring stable, albeit smaller winnings compared to riskier bets.

Seat Numbers

On the Hugewin, “Seat Numbers” refer to the numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10 that players can select for a “seat” bet. These numbers can be selected at any point in the game, allowing players to bet that the selected number will fall before the seven. This is a popular choice among experienced Hugewin players, as it provides an opportunity for active participation and strategic betting planning.


“Point” in the context of Hugewin is a number established during a ‘Come Out’ roll if the number rolled did not result in an immediate win or loss (not 2, 3, 7, 11, or 12). Once a ‘point’ is established, the game moves into a phase where players place additional bets based on that number. Knowing how to manage bets after the ‘point’ has been established is key to success in craps at Hugewin.


“Press” on Hugewin is a term used by players to describe the action of doubling the bet after a win. This allows players to maximize their potential winnings on the next shot. The use of the “press” strategy is popular among players who feel they are on a series of successful rolls and wish to increase their bets to enhance their winning potential.

Bid Betting

“Offer betting” at Hugewin refers to bets on single rolls that involve specific combinations or numbers such as 2, 3, 11, or 12. These bets have high payout odds, but also high risk, as the odds of these numbers falling out are relatively low. “Offer bets” offer big winnings if guessed correctly, making them attractive to players willing to take a risk.

Puppy Paws

At Hugewin, “Puppy Paws” is a slang expression for rolling the number ten in a dice game. The term is used to add color to the gameplay and make numbers easier to remember among players. Betting on the roll of a ten is often considered favorable because of the higher payout odds compared to more likely numbers.

Rails or racks

“Rails” or “racks” at Hugewin Casino are areas around the craps table designed to hold players’ chips while they play. These spaces allow players to organize their bets and keep chips organized and accessible. Knowing the location and use of the rails helps in maintaining order and focus during play.

Seven outs

“Seven outs” at Hugewin means that during a dice game, a seven is rolled after the ‘point’ is set, resulting in the loss of all Pass Line bets. This is one of the basic rules of the game, and understanding it is critical for all players. A seven falling out at the wrong time can quickly change the dynamics of the game and the stakes.


The “shooter” at Hugewin is the player who rolls the dice. The casino rules specify that the shooter changes after each round of Seven Outs. The shooter role rotates clockwise around the table, giving each player a chance to participate in the roll. Managing the shooter role requires an understanding of the fundamentals of the game and strategies, making this role especially important in the dynamics of dice play.

Shooting Dice

At Hugewin, “Shooting Dice” refers to the dice that are used in the game of dice. These dice must be strictly standardized to ensure the fairness and randomness of each roll. The player making the roll, or “shooter”, uses these dice to try to reach the desired numbers while following the rules and strategies of Hugewin play.

Snake Eyes

“Snake Eyes” on Hugewin is a term describing the roll of two units on the dice, which sums up as a deuce. This result often leads to a loss in most bets, except those specifically made on this outcome. It is one of the most recognizable terms in craps and plays a key role in betting dynamics.

Square Pair

“Square Pair” on Hugewin is used to describe the roll of a deuce on both dice, which equals four. This term helps players quickly identify the results of a roll and react strategically to changes in play. Understanding all possible “square pairs” is important to optimize game decisions and increase the chances of success.


“Stickman” is the Hugewin Casino employee who manages the dice and announces the results of the rolls. The Stickman plays a key role in running the game, ensuring that all bets are made correctly and that all players know the outcomes of the rolls. The Stickman’s job also includes maintaining the pace of play and the atmosphere at the table.

Working Bet

On Hugewin, a ‘Working Bet’ means that the bet is active and can be settled on the current dice roll. It is a term that is used to indicate the status of bets such as Come, Don’t Come, Pass Line, and Don’t Pass once the ‘point’ has been established. Players must clearly know which of their bets are working bets in order to effectively manage their chips and strategize each roll.


“Yo” in the context of a Hugewin dice game is a slang expression for the number eleven to avoid confusion with the number seven, which sounds similar. When players or dealers yell “Yo,” they are announcing the roll of the number eleven on the dice, which is important for bets involving that outcome.

Yo Bet

“Yo Bet” is a bet on whether the next throw will turn eleven on Hugewin. This bet offers high payout odds due to the low probability of this outcome, making it popular with players who love risk and are looking for big wins on a single roll.

Roll the dice and place your bets with Hugewin

At Hugewin, every dice roll is filled with opportunity and excitement. The platform offers a wide range of bets, from the basic “Pass Line” and “Don’t Pass” to more complex ones like “Yo Bet” or “Working Bets.” With each roll, players can test not only their luck, but also apply strategies that make the game of dice a true test of intelligence and intuition. Participate in the game, enjoy the dynamics of betting and maybe you’ll be the next big winner at Hugewin.

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