Math: how casino advantage works

The mathematical calculations of casino advantage in blackjack are only relevant in the long term. The outcomes that are obtained in a short time cannot be predicted. To get the result expressed in the casino value, it is necessary to play a million times without pauses. But this is practically unrealistic. Therefore, we will rely on existing statistics, and they say that the chances of the casino in blackjack on average is 1-2%.

Approximate mathematical formula for the profitability of the club: at a bet of $100 player will pay the casino 1% of his deposit, that is, $1. This calculation is relevant for a long game. In reality, the value differs depending on the duration of the session, the rules of the casino, the luck of a particular person. The range varies from 0.5 to 4%.

The casino advantage in blackjack is one of the lowest compared to other games. The reason is that this game assumes the knowledge of the players. The more knowledgeable a person is about blackjack, the lower the casino’s profit margin can be.

What is the casino blackjack advantage?

The blackjack casino advantage is a mathematical variable to estimate the average profit a platform makes from gambling over thousands of hours under certain conditions. This figure is expressed as a percentage. The gambling profit for a gambling house is called the house edge. It is constantly changing. Gambling profits are influenced by the player, the club itself and the overall gambling situation.

Choosing the right blackjack table: elements that change the advantage of the institution

The casino’s advantage in blackjack is an unstable indicator. Players can change it in their favor. In this helps the choice of club depending on its conditions, as well as the table, taking into account the number of decks, with the possibility of splitting pairs, doubling the bet and so on. In general, the more experience the client has and the more effective his strategy, the less advantage the casino.

1. Number of decks

Cards in blackjack have specific points. One or more decks can be used in a single hand. The face value of the cards is the same for all variations of the game. There are a total of 52 cards in the deck. The values of the cards are as follows:

  • Ace – 1 or 11, depending on the situation.
  • Pictures are 10.
  • From 2 to 10 – at face value.

Ace is counted as 1 if the sum of points for other cards is more than 10. In other cases it is assigned the number 11. If a player has 7 points, an ace counts for 11 points. Online scoring is done automatically, offline – by the players themselves. There is no joker in blackjack.

2. Soft Rule 17

In most clubs, the dealer bids 17 or more. In some he “fills in” on the “soft 17” (6’s and aces). Some establishments are required to put the ante, as in poker ( casino advantage in single deck blackjack reaches 20%). If the player knows this nuance and sits down at the table, he quickly understands the rules.

3. Double After Split

Double After Split (DAS) is the rule of doubling your bet after splitting a pair of cards. It works like this: a player receives two identical cards. He can split them into two hands if he makes an additional bet equal to the original one.

4. Doubling any amount

Doubling any amount in blackjack means that a player can double his bet before the next card is dealt. Any size of it is allowed, but usually with combinations of 9, 10 or 11 points. The player can increase the winnings, but the risk is also increased.

5. Multiple Splitting

Multiple splitting in Blackjack allows a player to split his cards again (or even more than once) if a pair is dealt again after the first split. When a player receives a pair of identical cards, he splits them into 2 hands and makes a bet equal to the initial bet. If at the next deal the player again receives two identical cards, he can split them, creating another hand. Most casinos have a limit on this rule – you can split cards up to 3 or 4 times.

6. Early and Late Surrender

If a player feels that his chances of winning are too low, he may give up his hand and return half of his bet, or surrender. This can be early or late surrender.

Early surrender (early surrender) allows the player to surrender before the dealer sees if he has a blackjack. This rule significantly reduces the casino’s advantage, as it gives the player more opportunities to save their bet. Blackjack with the smallest casino advantagehas such a rule.

Late surrender (late surrender) allows a player to surrender after the dealer has looked at the hand and determined there is no blackjack. If the dealer does not have the required set of cards, the player can surrender and get half of his bet back. You should use this rule if you have a weak hand of less than 16 points (9-7 or 10-6). Surrender can reduce losses.

7. Blackjack 3:2 vs. 6:5.

In blackjack, payouts for a real blackjack (21 points from the first two cards) can be calculated as 3:2 and 6:5. In the first case, the player receives 1.5 times the initial bet. Payout 6:5 means that the bet, multiplied by a factor of 1.2.

Expert tips: strategies to combat the casino advantage in blackjack

Blackjack brings a small profit to gambling clubs. Despite how much blackjack benefits the casino, players can minimize the advantage by using different strategies. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Expert Tip #1 – Sit at the Right Table

The right table is defined by these attributes:

  • Blackjack payouts are 3:2.
  • The dealer stands on soft 17.
  • The rule of doubling on split cards applies.
  • Early and late surrender (surrender) is allowed.
  • One, maximum 2 decks are used.

Expert Tip #2. Never deviate from the basic strategy

The ideal strategy in casino advantage blackjack is to stick to the basic betting system. It is based on mathematical probabilities and significantly reduces the likely profit of the club. The basic strategy includes actions in different situations:

  • When it is acceptable to draw an extra card (hit).
  • When to stop (stand).
  • When to double down.
  • When to split pairs.
  • When to surrender (surrender), if allowed.

Expert Tip #3: Learn to count cards

Card counting is a method of keeping track of the ratio of high and low cards in a deck. It requires a good understanding of the game and practice to use it. On the other hand, casinos try to counteract this method by shuffling the deck frequently.

Casino advantage in different blackjack variants

The advantage of the casino in different variants of blackjack depends on the rules. For example, classic blackjack may have a club profit of 0.5%, European blackjack about 0.62%, Spanish blackjack 0.4%, Atlantic City blackjack 0.36%, Las Vegas blackjack 0.28%, and single deck blackjack 0.15%.

Does card counting give an advantage over the house?

Card counting can give a player an advantage over the casino in blackjack. This method allows players to keep track of the ratio of cards remaining in the deck. Based on the count, it is possible to increase bets, double up more often or take additional cards less often.

Casino advantage in blackjack compared to other games

As a reminder, the average casino advantage in blackjack is about 1-2%. For comparison, the same figure in American roulette is 5.26% and in European roulette – 2.7%. In slot machines (slots) the casino advantage is in the range of 2% to 10%.

Casino advantage for a successful blackjack game

Casino advantage in blackjack differs depending on the type of game. This indicator can be influenced by the player himself, for example:

  • sticking to a basic strategy,
  • choose blackjack variations where the club potentially makes less profit,
  • count cards.

To have success in blackjack you need to learn the rules well and practice.

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