Interesting, funny plots and genres of simulators immerse the user in a fascinating world, make you feel like a traveler, adventurer, superhero, pirate, etc. With themed games casino customers get into another universe, another civilization or country, where they are unlikely to find themselves in real life. That and interesting gambling. That and attract them players online casino Hugewin. Developers favor such themes as fruit, sevens, cards, travel, treasure hunting. There are several gambling themes (gambling theme), which users lack due to the small number of slots released on them. 

1. Horror movie-themed games

Horror is a favorite theme not only in movies, but also in gambling. Games based on famous horror stories are distinguished by an unusual, mesmerizing, gothic style of design, where there is mysticism and witchcraft. Often in such slots there is a share of humor, which perfectly combines with the frightening or mystical themes. Players who are going to run gambling themes (gambling themes) horror movies, should be ready to plunge into the world of witches, vampires, werewolves, creepy creatures, bloody carnage and of course fun and funny characters. In slots made with horror motifs can be found:

  • extra rounds;
  • bonus features;
  • modern structure;
  • interesting symbols;
  • great graphics;
  • musical accompaniment in the form of a soundtrack that meets the theme;
  • jackpot;
  • increasing multiplier. 

Horror slots for a spin

Popular world provider NetEnt introduced a few years ago the game Blood Suckers, where the main characters are vampires. Bloodthirsty creatures are ready to reflect the hunt for them, started by the player. And for small successful spins, they will reward the player with generous prizes. The slot has 5 reels and 25 paylines, which increases the player’s chances of getting a lucrative combination. As slots on casino game themes (casino game themes) about vampires, the game is designed in the appropriate style. The background of the game is a dark street, where the bloodsuckers are lurking. The gloomy atmosphere is complemented by appropriate music. 

Slot Book Of Spells, released by gaming studio Tom Horn is designed in the traditions of the creepy genre. In “Book Of Spells” gothic plot unfolds on the background of a gloomy night landscape, reminiscent of the most terrible episodes of horror movies. An ancient mansion, hidden by a wrought iron lattice and tree branches, belongs to a mystical creature with whom the player will have to fight, showing all the skill and courage. Musical accompaniment and animated pictures on the drum emphasize the style of the game. Slot machine attracts casino customers high payout percentage, the presence of freespins and risk rounds, in which you can double your winnings. 

2. Celebrity-themed games

Gamblers can get close to famous characters, famous faces, which in normal life are out of reach, using slots on specific gambling themes (gambling themes ). Right from the comfort of home player gets into the world of adventure. The main characters of such slots are famous characters from movies, comic books, mythology, literature, or historical figures. The plot of the game on the theme of celebrities, one way or another, associated with a famous character. On the symbols, pictures, soundtrack can easily guess who is the main character of the gambling game. 

Celebrity slots

The game Legend Of Cleopatra provider Playson is dedicated to the most famous and controversial ruler of Ancient Egypt. The very life of Cleopatra, the unconventionality of her personality, gave rise to many legends. Launching the reel slot, the player will find himself in the historical period, learn about the culture and traditions of Ancient Egypt, and can win a lot of money. The game is played on 5 reels and 20 paylines. It also features such tempting options for the player as a jackpot and a doubling game.

The developer Playtech presented the release of the Marilyn Monroe slot. As you can understand from the name, the gambling theme (gambling theme) is associated with a beautiful woman, the legendary actress and singer Marilyn Monroe. The player will be able to look into the golden era, get an incredible experience and a big reward. The symbols of the game are associated with luxurious life and celebrity. And they can also bring additional rewards, free spins, activation of the jackpot round. 

3. African-themed games

Travel is a favorite of many themes for casino games (casino game themes), which are always in demand. Such games are often used by customers of online gaming platforms, who want to change the environment, even virtually, but to get acquainted with another culture and traditions. Travel with the help of gambling games can be anywhere. Here everything depends on the imagination of the developer. And it happens that providers from all countries, give preference to sultry, mysterious, sometimes dangerous and unpredictable Africa. 

African Spin Slots

Slot machine King of Africa conquers bright graphics with a rich color palette. Its manufacturer is a popular software provider InBet. Majestic and formidable African king – the lion – is not the only character in the game. Users will also meet and other inhabitants of the hot savannah. Feature gambling game on African themes (gambling themes ) in the presence of bonuses with free spins, with which you can win additional freespins and increase the size of the bet a hundred times. 

African Elephant slot presented by Pragmatic Play is dedicated to the wildlife of the hot continent, where strong and powerful animals rule. The slot machine is endowed with such advantages as: clear and simple gameplay, high-quality graphics with careful attention to detail, high payout ratio, additional features. The player is waiting for a dynamic base game, interesting and productive bonus rounds, in which you can increase the chances of winning and the amount of reward. 

4. TV quiz games

Games imitating famous TV shows and quizzes attract the attention of users who have seen them on the screen, are familiar with the rules and features. Simulators with similar themes for casino games (casino game themes) are invariably popular with Hugewin visitors. Users want to test their luck, feel not only in the place of spectators, but also to be in the role of the main player. Such games do not require special knowledge and abilities. They are available to all customers of the online gaming site. 

Game show slots

Crazy Time is a classic game of wheel of luck, which is present in many popular TV quiz shows. The player becomes a participant in a game show where an enticing prize is played. As in any game show, Crazy Time has a host who starts the rotation of the wheel, which is in an upright position. The player places a bet on any of the sectors of the wheel of fortune. And if he manages to guess the sector, he gets a cash reward. The rules of the game are as simple and clear as possible, which contributes to its popularity, as well as the presence of sectors with bonuses and additional prizes. 

The theme of gambling (gambling theme) based on TV shows is often used in casinos, where there are different gaming categories. Many players are interested in a slot made on the principle of the famous American television game Plinko. The slot is so called – Plinko, and with its rules resembles a popular game in the United States. In the center of the slot machine field is a pyramid with obstacles, at the bottom of which are several cells. Each of the cells has its own coefficient and is paid accordingly. The player makes a bet, starts the ball and watches its movement. In which cell the ball will fall, on such a multiplier and the player’s bet will be increased.

Personalize your gameplay with Hugewin

One of the cutting-edge online gaming resources that offers an amazing variety of content is the Hugewin cryptocurrency casino. Users enjoy the gaming process, and when a bet is played, they experience vivid emotions. In the online casino, every player will find the right game for him. Due to the fact that the themes for casino games (casino game themes) are characterized by diversity, they are able to meet the needs and requirements of gamblers. Choose gambling games, guided not only by your interest in a particular theme, but also the presence of bonuses, attractive features, high payouts. 

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